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    The order of review


Editor in chief:


Сhief editor:

Slyusar Natalia Borisovna, head of the department of protection of political rights, acting state councilor of justice, class 3, PhD in Law









Babkin Anatoly Ivanovich, the judge of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation in resignation, the deputy chief editor of the Publishing Lawyer group

Editorial Board:

Goloshumov Evgeny Vasilievich, Head of the Main Directorate for Organizational and Legal Support of Court Activity, PhD in Political Science;
Kolokolov Nikita Aleksandrovich, judge of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation retired, doctor of law, professor;
Parshin Alexander Ivanovich, Deputy Director General of the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Legal Sciences;
Renov Eduard Nikolayevich, Member of the Presidium of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, Doctor of Law, Professor;
Truncevsky Yury Vladimirovich, Leading Researcher, Anti-Corruption Methodology Department, FGNIIU "Institute of Legislation and Comparative Jurisprudence under the Government of the Russian Federation", Doctor of Law, Professor;
Fokov Anatoly Pavlovich, Head of Comparative Law Department, Russian State University of Justice, Doctor of Law, Professor;
Sherstyuk Vladimir Mikhailovich, Professor of the Department of Civil Procedure of the Faculty of Law, Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov, Doctor of Law, Professor.


Babkin Anatoly Ivanovich, Professor.


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"Union Catalogue" - 18994.


2 times in half a year

Headings and types of publishing materials:

The organization of the courts, management of authorities and agencies of the Judicial Department. Financing of courts and other judicial bodies. Improving the functioning of the judicial system, staffing and training of court staff. Statistical data on the work of the courts and justice system. Organization of records and archives of the courts. The development and implementation of software and hardware, and information systems. Income and Social Security judges. Interaction with the legal profession, notaries, law enforcement and other government agencies.

Recommended by the Supreme Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation for publications of results of PhD and doctoral theses.

Issued since 2006 

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