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Culture: management, economy, law

Обложка журнала


    The order of review


Editor in chief:

Panarin Andrey Aleksandrovich, president of "Educational Consortium Central Russian University" Non-profit partnership, Chief of staff of the Russian professorial meeting, director of the center for digital technologies in Economics of the RUDN University,  Doctor of Economics, associate professor.

Editorial board:

Kapustkin Alexander Sergeevich, advisor to the Editor-in-Chief, deputy director general for development of the State Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve, Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts;
Bazhenov Yury Konstantinovich, full member (academician) of the International Academy of Informatization at the United Nations, Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economics, Professor;
Bredikhin Anton Viktorovich, editor-in-chief of the scientific journal "Archont", head of the First Children's Cossack Library No. 128 - the M.A. Sholokhova TsBS SEAD, candidate of historical sciences;
Gorodnichev Vladimir Yuryevich, head of department of cultural heritage and exhibition work of Management of culture Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;
Degtyarev Alexander Yakimovich, first vice-president of Academy of the Russian literature, doctor of historical sciences;
Dzyuban Valery Valeryevich, Professor of the Department of Social and Humanitarian and Natural Science Disciplines of the Moscow Psychological and Social Institute, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;
Zubenko Vyacheslav Vasilyevich, Professor of the Department of World Economy and International Business of the University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Informatization;
Kazakov Vladimir Nikolaevich, professor of department state and legal and humanities of the Moscow regional humanitarian institute, doctor of jurisprudence, professor;
Kobzeva Svetlana Ivanovna, professor of department of the labor law and right of social security of the Moscow state legal university of O.E. Kutafin (MGYuA), doctor of jurisprudence, professor;
Krutikov Valery Konstantinovich, Vice-Rector for Research and Methodological Work of the Institute of Management, Business and Technology (Kaluga), Professor of the Department of Economics, Kaluga State University named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky, Doctor of Economics, Professor;
Moskalyuk Marina Valentinovna, Rector of the Dmitri Hvorostovsky Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Arts, Doctor of History, Professor;
Ovodov Anton Alekseyevich, leading lawyer of analytical center of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia", Candidate of Law Sciences;
Popravko Elena Aleksandrovna, Professor of the Department of Humanitarian and Socio-Economic Disciplines of the Military Academy of Material and Technical Support named after General of the Army A.V. Khruleva, Associate Professor at the Department of Russian History, Doctor of Historical Sciences;
Rybak Kirill Evgenyevich, adviser to the minister of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, doctor of cultural science;
Tikhomirov Yury Aleksandrovich, assistant manager Center of public researches, doctor of jurisprudence, professor, Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, corresponding member of the International academy of the comparative right;
Tuganov Yury Nikolaevich, Chief Researcher, Center for the Study of Problems of Justice, Russian State University of Justice, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Law, Professor.

Status as the media:

Federal scientific and practical information journal


2 000


"Rospechat" - 82281;

"Union Catalogue" - 15103;

"Catalogue of the Russian press" - 11501.


2 times in half a year

Headings and types of publishing materials:

Topical issues of legal practice in the field of culture, legislation, jurisprudence, economics of culture, governance and law in the field of culture, market research in the field of culture. Regulatory documents on culture, jurisprudence, state and municipal administration in the field of culture, cultural politics, current issues of education and culture, protection of cultural property and the legal culture; funding of culture.

Recommended by the Supreme Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation for publications of results of PhD and doctoral theses.

Issued since 2003 


ISSN 2070-2159